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Green mountain k cups are probably the most widely consumed coffee cups. They are the creators of the famous Keurig brewing systems which have become hugely popular all over the world. 24 count, 50 count, 96 count, 48, 80, 108, and 160 are the most popular size boxes and cases purchased. Each box or case offers many varieties. The variety of flavors offered include green mountain coffee breakfast blend, Nantucket blend, dark magic extra bold, caramel vanilla cream, half caff or half-caff, Colombian fair trade select, hazelnut, French vanilla, decaf, pumpkin spice, wild mountain blueberry, organic Sumatran reserve, southern pecan, mocha nut fudge, Vermont country blend, double black diamond, Kenyan AA, coffee lake and lodge, island coconut, and Naturals hot apple cider. Samples and sample packs are also for sale.